Sierra Nutrition was a new business when COVID hit the country. As a new business, they realized that photos, videos, branding and overall online presence was essential.

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Design

The one thing that Sierra Nutrition had established before we were contracted was a logo. Their logo featured a lime green font and light gray mountains. We wanted to keep their branding consistent in terms of the color and the energy that the logo portrayed. We did a complete refurbish of their menus as well as a few extra slides which included nutritional facts about their products.

It was important to create a narrative of a healthy and active lifestyle when creating photos for Sierra Nutrition since their main clientele consisted of people who cared about their own wellbeing. Photographs were preferably made outdoors with the model(s) performing some sort of activity such as taking a stroll downtown or finishing up a workout.

For the sake of having marketing content, 3 short, commercial-like videos were made. These videos were a bit more informative but catered nonetheless to the message of health that Sierra Nutrition represents. Through a collaborative effort between the E. Sierra Media team and Sierra Nutrition, a slogan was developed and used at the end of every video.

Website Announcement
SN Commercial 3

Ultimately, the end goal was to bring all this content together with a brand-new website/online store to boost their sales inorganically and relieve the dependency on walking traffic. Furthermore, a lil’ promo video was made to announce the website and online ordering and curbside pickup availability.

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