Video & Photo Production/Misc. Content Creation
Sarah Hambly is a fashion influencer with a bubbly personality who came to us with an already established following, with hopes of adding a professional edge to her content. She grew her following on TikTok and wanted to add longer length YouTube videos to her arsenal.
When we say "professional edge" we mean the little things that people don't normally think about! One of the first things we did for Sarah was animate her logo. She already had a logo she was happy with, but we vectorized it and animated it for her use on YouTube intros or social media assets.
We understand that short-lived content is king these days, but being able to showcase high quality videos that are over 10 minutes, displays a new levels of professionalism that is otherwise lost on 10-30 second clips. Sarah's YouTube channel went from having no long format content, to then having several videos of over 10 minutes in length and averaging around 7,500 views per video. Sarah's channel has also grown by over 100,000 subscribers since we began working with her!