Stop The "Homie Discount"

Kat Benitez
Updated On
Aug 18, 2022
Published On
Jul 25, 2022

The "homie discount" is a phrase many people use in today's society to either get 50% off the product/service or receive the product/service for free. However, many people don't understand that using the "homie discount" affects the business negatively and, ultimately, your friend's business. It's hard to understand why a simple discount can/could affect someone's business from an outside perspective. However, when considering a small business, it is essential to understand the owner's perspective. Many small businesses put all their financial resources into opening their own business, and every penny counts when gaining profit.

As an owner, constantly giving out "homie discounts" will eventually lead to a loss in profit. Although asking for a discount once doesn't seem like it will impact the business, imagine how many more people are asking for the discount. It creates a never-ending cycle, which creates a loss of profit for the business and the inability to pay for resources to grow.

Here are some tips on how to support your friends' businesses.


·         Like/Share/Comment on their Instagram posts

·         Retweet their business tweets

·         Like their Facebook Page

·         Follow their TikTok

·         Leave a comment on their TikTok

·         Leave a review

·         Recommend their service/product to your friends and family

·         Hype them up


In conclusion, instead of asking for the "homie discount," be the homie that helps your friend's business by paying full price. Remember that "exposure" does not pay the bills. 

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