Business ≠ Social Media

Edgar Sierra
Updated On
Aug 24, 2022
Published On
Jul 20, 2022


Many business owners believe that in order to make it in today’s society, you must have social media platforms. However, not every business needs to be on social media! Social networking can either promote your business or make it vulnerable to the public’s eyes. Understanding if your business should be on social media is essential to the success of  your business.


For your business to comply with the ability of traction in social media for your target audience, you must first understand who your target audience is. If you are unaware of your target audience, your social media post will most likely go unnoticed. This may also cause your business to receive negative feedback from the wrong audience. For example, a mistake with the target audience can lead to negative reviews, which become visible to all of your subscribers, including current and potential clients. 

Understanding Social Media

Secondly, understand that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok have their audience. These audience statistics are the user statistics rather than a target audience.





The Solution

It is also prevalent to ask yourself: Is my content easy to display? Will this platform audience be attracted to my content? These two simple questions can save you time. Creating content for every social media platform is time-consuming and can lead to zero sales, leads, or follows if your content is not easy to display and is promoted to the wrong audience. Evaluate your business, product, or service and decide which platform best suits your business. 

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